3153714846 Caller ID 315-371-4846

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Unsafe Caller3153714846
On 2018-04-11 18:18:11 says #07.77.#49.5 Type SCAM This caller told me that I was reviving a 9000 Grant that I never had to pay back.that all I had to do is go and purchase steam card for $300.00.after I did this the man said oh for me to transfer the money.I would have to pay another fee for an out of state transfer so the 9000.00 would be secure. Which was another $500.00 .so I did.then he told me oh there is another fee with would be $750.00.I told him to refund may 800.00.he said for me too do that I would have to come up with a $100.00.conslation fee.i did then he said theres a $150.00 transfer fee .i gave him that .well he said I could not get my money back unless I gave him another $500.00 .well I sent him that.this guy has got me for $1650.00.and still wants me to give him another 150.00 to refund my money back.this man is a ******* piece of ****.he said he is a government employee.he s made me look embarrassed I ve lost my wife and she s caked me out of my on house because I ve spent every penny we had on .this man saying he was granting me $9000.00.so look out he s took everything I love and worked for my into re life .

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This number belongs to New York Rome, NY.

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7853409033Unsafe Caller Rating on 2018-04-25 17:55:20 #74.85.##8.3 Type Call claim that it is intentional fraud and something about IRS... always a recorded message and never a live person. IRS will always mail letters. Scam.
6199425632Unsafe Caller Rating on 2018-04-25 10:39:24 7#.#68.#45.85 Type Text Message This number 619-942-5632 is sending links to porn sites
4104010984Unsafe Caller Rating on 2018-04-25 10:39:26 76.##4.###.98 Type SCAM Bogus caller, very rude fishing for personal information. Don t provide ant information to them i
8506243121Unsafe Caller Rating on 2018-04-24 07:56:23 #74.58.##3.#76 Type SCAM Dishonest caller
3236914664Unsafe Caller Rating on 2018-04-24 07:56:26 #04.34.69.#30 Type Unknown Called multiple times in a row. No message.