3605090104 Caller ID 360-509-0104

Please let everyone know if the number 360.509.0104 is safe, useful or a unsafe caller. A unsafe caller is any unwanted phone call such as a Advertising Call. Below is the caller information for +13605090104. Please feel free to leave any feedback to help other people!

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Unsafe Caller3605090104
On 2018-02-12 12:47:05 says 50.#45.#47.#33 Type SCAM Called me 2/9/2018 Was a recording telling me it was my last day to be eligible for a limit raise on my credit card and to push 1. Then it transferred to some man with a heavy accent that wanted more "information". I asked him what he was up to and told him I didn t currently have a credit card and he hung up. Tried calling back a few times and got a recorded message saying that the Verizon subscriber was not accepting calls.

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This number belongs to Washington Silverdale, WA.

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6026473810Unsafe Caller Rating on 2018-02-24 01:11:12 #74.##.#09.90 Type SCAM Received Unwanted Scam Call from (602)-647-3810 Verizon Wireless Mobile Number on Tues. 2/20/18 @ 3:02pm & didn t leave a message on my Unlisted Phone. Do NOT Answer Harassing Scam Calls - Reported to DONOTCALL.GOV & FCC.GOV.
2029994540Unsafe Caller Rating on 2018-02-23 23:34:47 #74.##4.36.##3 Type Unknown Automated call stating they were the IRS reporting g fraudulent activity on my income tax form (which I haven’t even filed yet). They request a call back “immediately” to address the issue. I called back - mailbox full.
8603170204Unsafe Caller Rating on 2018-02-23 21:43:30 66.87.#48.49 Type SCAM Claims to be the IRS sounds like a loud call center
7148685897Unsafe Caller Rating on 2018-02-23 18:41:11 96.3#.##8.## Type Call Recorded message warns "complaint" has been filed, identifies as some kind of legal firm. Press 1 to speak to rep. Asks for social security number. Beware!
8326482441Unsafe Caller Rating on 2018-02-23 05:59:30 #74.##8.6.86 Type SCAM Process server scam. Beware. No one calls you if you’re being served!